this morning I was supposed to be doing opening for the store, which is 9.30am. Guess what time I woke up?

No need to guess. I'll just tell you.
I got up at 9.55am.. I actually didn't know I was working either. I was SO DISORIENTED I actually was going through the introductory questions in my head

Who am I (I actually couldn't recall my identity. I mean wtf?? How did that happen?)

Where am I

Am I on off today?

What day is it?

Wait.. Thursday? I'm off on Friday & Saturday right? So.. Am I starting at 12pm today or what..?

No wait.. I'm having opening shifts two consecutive days together this week.. Which means..


I spluttered in panic behind my unruly hair and parted them like a curtain, off my face. (I quite often wake up with them on my face, it's a wonder I breathe at all) and pushed myself up into a sitting position.

I was super disoriented. I mean this doesn't usually happen to me, you know? I thought it's usually reserved for hungover people and those with night lives. I'm not one of them! Unless you count being on the computer till late.. Is that late night creature enough? Hmm?? Ok. I suppose. Like I'm typing this in the dark on my bed, on mobile.

Yeah, anyway I jumped out of bed and quickly grabbed my phone, still in my undies and a head of hair that would make a male lion proud. Scrambled around for my phone and contemplated how should I call my manager and tell her. Should I take medical leave? I have never taken a sick leave since I started work here.. Which is a year over. (Alhamdulillah my health has been quite excellent) and would be so wasteful to break that record. Besides, I'm not even sick. I found trying to act to a doctor that I'm sick more tiresome than actually rushing to work.

"E!! " I had exclaimed over the phone hysterically when my manager picked up the call, she actually sounded groggy and still half asleep. "PHUCK MAN! I just woke up! I'm.. (Trying to figure out my next course of action in a split second) I'm gonna need to bath quickly now and rush over! So I'm telling you first!" She said ok-ok! And I snapped the phone shut and went into the shower.

Long story short, I actually skipped one important thing which I'm not going to mention.

I'm just.. In a daze.

And now I have to pay back my hours.. And they're not like late one hour, pay back an hour. It's more like you're late 1hour, you pay back 4 hours. Urgh. I'm so disgusted.

Taxi driver's NETS machine was down as well and I had to run to the second floor and withdraw cash and run back down to the taxi stand where he's waiting to pay him. I could've just run off but, that wouldn't be honest.. And it's such an ugly thing to do. Besides, karma Is a bitch. I'm in customer service remember..

But I guess he was so pleased and surprised I kept to my word and didn't run off that he said "only $10 can!" When my bill was about around $12+ maybe? So.. That was nice.

Oh. And normally when I'm late I am SUPER GRUMPY AND PISSED OFF.

Not today however. So glad. Thank goodness. I'm so tired of carrying around anger in me.

Well, ok.

Goodnight then.

2013-11-01 10.54.03

just a selfie from the other day
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Limhwa Luna

Wow. Just.. wow, LJ.


I know, i know. was jus re-visiting my old home here.
Doesn't LJ look so good?! damn girl. This looks fabulous. They've changed like so many things.. and honestly, i  really miss Livejournal so much. It really is the most comfortable and funkiest blogging platform i have ever used. Being on wordpress is great too. Wordpress is like an EXCELLENT tool, right? It really is.. but i just feel super comfortable on Livejournal. It feels enclosed and cosy and protected. It feels like home.

I will always keep my account here of  course eventhough i have imported everything over to Wordpress, because of the awesome communities that i am prone to lurk around the dark corners of (i'm not really the commenting type.. but i do drop comments occasionally and then i get anxious wondering if they will reply or not and when they do, i get all overwhelmed and don't know what to reply back.. oh. sigh. even online i have social anxiety)

But seriously LJ, you look all spruced up and although you lag quite a bit.. and McAfee warns me off when i click on some of your link(s).. i am very, very amazed by your features and everything. You look real good. You feel good.

So i just changed the theme just for a change.

Looks good, no?


Oh yeah.
A colleague asked me about my blog URL and i wouldnt give. How weird would that be? for all she knows i actually am blogging about her.. (i'm not) but again.. i might..

kiss kiss
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Hello and goodbye.

Hello fellow friends, if you're reading this at 1AM then you should be sleeping but you're not and your eyes have dark eye rings and really heavy eyebags because you're staying up so late just to watch that porn you've been waiting for to be released, or you woke up and padded your way to the kitchen because you're hungry or you're an owl and you're turning your head 360 degree right this minute.

Whatever you are,

I just wanted to share the sad and happy news that..

I have remarried.

I've packed my bags, gathered all my torn panties and dusted off my soft toys and migrated to Wordpress.

I am sorry to leave Livejournal after years of swearing loyalty to them and swearing again that they're the best blogging platform i have ever had. But.. It's time for a change. Maybe one day i will be back, when i'm fifty and i need bigger fonts for comfortable reading and hearing aids. Or maybe even in the near future, but for now, i'm looking for something else, something i feel is slightly better. LJ will always be my longest relationship and i will always know they are the best i had ever known till today. I always get attached to things like this.. it's terrible.

It's because of the great raving reviews i've heard from my closest of friends that i am migrating.. and also because, i want to grow. I want to do something better, and i think Wordpress will accomodate that very well.

So goodbye for now, Livejournal. It's been a gorgeous journey being with you. I will always be back to catch up with all the LJ communities i love.. And Thank You for everything.

With much heartfelt love,
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Letter to Fat Owinge

Dearest Owinge,


I’m sorry for not being around much recently. I’ve seen you looking forlornly at me, which breaks my heart very much and i try to cuddle you as much as i can. I’m sorry i haven’t brought you out to play too. Hopefully i can give my full attention to you very soon okay once this is all over. I hope you pray for me and send me good thoughts regarding this. Smile i need all the luck i can possibly get. But luck can only get one so far, Owinge, right? You have to work towards something if you want it badly enough.

I’ll tell you i want this badly. You know that, i’ve told you about it so many times. I hope you understand..

I love you very much. You’ll always be my muse, my bestest friend, the furriest boyfriend and my familiar. It will be you.

Lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and misses,


Ragdoll Kitten :)

New blog up! : I'm a bender // Akon's Chammak Challo

Man.. i love chicks ya know. To me, it's never about the gender. It's about the love i feel towards someone.

I love hot chicks. cute chicks.. especially chickies with tufty blonde hair.
You wanna see some pictures? to perk up your evening maybe?
Because good things must be shared.

And also because imma keep it PG, i'll put it under an LJ cut, ok. dayummm these chicks are tasty.

Blonde chicksCollapse )
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Make-up talk! Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme.


I'm here! i'm here hunnehhh.. Never you worry. So today i'm here to chat about this new product i just grabbed off the shelves while pretending to go for a toilet break at work just now. I know, what kind of employee does that (me!).. horrible (mmhmm.. never said i wasn't) Ever since i got that Sephora's White Card, i've been friggin' ITCHING to just shop my life away, but of course that is a wrong thing to do... very wrong thing to do.. *shakes head gravely*

Then again, right & wrong are subjective isn't it? What if i feel buying materials is the answer to everything? (um, no. i don't think that, honestly..
because then TB would be a very broke boyfriend.. he'd be broke because i'm broke. But i'm not! SEE?!)

Okay, so without further ado.. let me introduce you to my newest additionfriend in my makeup bag! (she's being bullied right now by a particularly bitchy & territorial Revlon lipstick who doesn't want to be friends in that bag) 

As introduced to you, This sexy little tube of "Extreme plumping" gloss that will make you the sexiest mother pucker around town is by Soap And Glory.

I like that catchy cheeky name. Most probably because i'm a boring uncheeky girl (wait, sometimes..)
I've only just tried this on.. And, you know what? i'm not really sure what it does. Okay, i'll give the scores and lowdowns if you like:

What it claims to do (on the packaging itself): Absolutely Ridiculips can now be yours. Caution: This lipgloss will almost immediately plump, buzz, tingle and zing. (it's not for the meek of mouth). New Sexy Mother Pucker tryers should finish a couple of tubes of our "Original Strength" SMP plumpers first, before going to extremes. 

Yeah well. I absolutely cannot disagree with the part where it'll give me buzzes & tingles and zing me into discomfort. Well, no, it wasn't really uncomfortable, it was okay. I'm a newbie to plumpers.. So maybe i'm commenting like a noob too (i've read reviews of those pro & seasoned plumping-wearers who claim it wasn't a biggie and they've endured worse tinglings (which i do not doubt), but to be honest after 5 minutes of the buzzing on my lips (which lasted about 15minutes actually) i started to, strangely enough, enjoy the sensation. I mean what a friggin' weirdo. So i guess as long as i'm enjoying the sensation, it's worth it.

Ratings : 1 - 10, with
1 being extremely disagreeable and 10 being agreeable to my palate.

Buzz & Discomfort: 4/10. Probably because i'm new to it too.

Texture: 5/10 Thick & heavy on the lips. Kind of sticky. Won't be appealing to some people i suppose, but i'm not fussed.

Scent: 9/10 Pleasant, faint scent of vanilla or was it chocolate..

Taste: 9/10 See "Scent".

Plumping Effects: 6/10 To be honest, it just seemed to smoothen and fill up the lines on the lips to create the illusion of more "natural & fuller" lips, 
 I felt that it gave my lips slightly more shape and definition, which is fine and dandy with me but some other people who were in it to super plump it, will just be disappointed.

Moisturizing qualities: 10/10, now here's a top score! It feels like my lips are drinking it all up. It's drenched and pleasantly so. You don't worry about scrubbing your lips. Just use this.

Would i recommend this? : Yes of course, because i like this product. In fact, whatever i buy, i like them. Which's why i bought them in the first place. I would recommend this especially if you're looking for easy moisture for the lips (and you're lazy like me and you don't want those separate lip scrubs or exfoliations and then having to take the extra mile to pat on extra lip moisturizer or balms..) USE this. You will witness instant soft lips (a promise) and the added fillers are an added bonus. I also thought it's interesting because of the strangely enjoyable sensational buzzing which was guaranteed on the packaging itself. I also have come to the conclusion that beauty products will always have differing results for different individuals.

So you gotta try something yourself. It might work for you to its fullest potential, or it might not. :) Either way, it's always fun to try. 

NOTE: I've just looked this up! AND Soap & Glory doesn't do animal testing,which is excellent news for all of us concious junkies! So go forth and shop! For a list of animal-friendly beauty brands, click!
Limhwa Luna

Horror Nights 2012~

warning: Caution: overusage of the word "amazing"

this doll had the coolest make up everr. E.V.E.R

I must say that i had an amazing time at the Halloween Horror Nights 2 at USS. My ticket felt worth every penny. The haunted houses were entertaining. The scareactors did an amazing job and i really respect their ability to continue twitching, jerking and running/crawling after their victims in an attempt to scare them. They were in-character reaaaaally well! Which i bet isn't an easy thing to do for hours on end. I had a wonderful time feeling terrified, so thank you all. 

Some overdue pictures:

When we went we were rushing about in an incredibly kiasu way because there was an onslaught of people. I just wanted to finish all the haunted houses in record time -- which we did by the way. 

I liked all the little details on every area (my favourite, naturally, as fieza kindly guessed correctly: was the house of dolls) and the little stories it told. 
I thought the make up and effects on these scareactors were incredible. 

We bought the red devil horns just to add flava' to the evening. It means nothing to me.

This clown came in a pair. There were two of them (okay, umm, why do i sound like i'm describing underwear..) And they were my favourite. They were mischievious and sinister and adorable all rolled oddly into one. They were hopping (i'm not sure what the motion is called) around on stilts, intimidating and hanging/draping themselves around lamp posts and teasing security cameras.. Their energy was exactly what you would expect -- lunacy. It was amazing. I feel (strangely) very fond of this clown. 

And let me tell you this: the photos do NO JUSTICE for any of the characters. They did a spectacular job and nothing captured on film can beat being there itself. 

The puppet master and his (i'm presuming) minion, were excellent. This photo just makes them look like thoughtful citizens. You should've seen him on-stage. Creepy as heck! Loved it!

So there you go.

Just a short one for my keepsake. :)
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November is a huge deal for me..

'nuff said.

I talked myself into joining something that i have considered throughout this whole year. Something that i really wanted to do
I just signed up a few minutes ago.. and i am terrified but also oddly excited. I feel like vomiting. I feel like telling everyone what it is (but i won't. i can't! not yet! hopefully after November.. i will) and i feel like a migraine coming on right now..

OH DEAR GOD. what have i landed myself into! I'm doing it alone, this is gonna kick my ass into seriously doing it. 

Oh, my tummy, it doesn't feel well. 

But.. but.. SO EXCITING!! I think if i do manage to do it, i will be the happiest person on earth. 

May the force be with me. Bring it on!

So, october will be busy with preps & research.

Guuuurrrl, you can do it. 

I really do feel like throwing up right now. It shows how much of a big deal this is to me. 
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Orange & Garth Nix Book!

i have nothing to say in this not-so-empty post.

What a heavenly day! Spent it visiting Tiger and heading to the library to return borrowed (and long overdued) books. It seems that whenever i borrow from the library, it is certain that i will somehow end up being fined because i'm lazy to go back and return. But! i do not mind it in the slightest BECAUSE i am hoping the library will put my money to excellent and maximum usage by maybe upgrading facilities, or the **most** important, getting new books in. Maybe not entirely new, but i hope it'll be great selections really. 

Then i finally napped. Because instead of looking all bloodshot, one should rest, right?

Now I am just enjoying ovary-bursting cuteness of my favourite species on earth, animals, in this LJ community: splodefromcute. I miss having a kitten. :( or kittens, for that matter. Yes, of course there won't be any more time now to spare.. i just miss it that's all. Been feeling maternal lately (hahahahahahahahahahahha) I even want a dog (i've always wanted one) and puppies. :( Am watching puppy videos. They're sooooooo cute. I think i'm falling in love with little pomeranians. 

Just look at it!!! 

I want to squeeze it into oblivion. 

You know what? I need to tell a secret. Of course it won't be so secret now. And this confession would embarrass the hell out of me, and you would judge me, and i would judge myself and altogether it will be an uncomfortable thing to be confessing.

You know how i've judged people whenever they tell me they like Twilight. I've just had the most wild desire to read Twilight this morning. I am just so frigging curious what has inspired it's fanbase (almost as huge as Harry Potter), i want to see what's it's glory. I've read even more fantastic books who don't have the devotion that it deserves, so i'm really curious why would Twilight be special? I mean, so far, i only know i wouldn't like it because i've only heard Myst Exile saying it's about this heroine who is all self centered, moaning like a whale because she is so special yet she is a misfit in school or something. And then this sparkling creature that is Edward the vampire is so intrigued by her because whenever he tries to mindread her, he can't have access to her thoughts (umm, Edward?? maybe it's because there is nothing in there????). And then he tries to save her in perilous situations and he thinks her ummm... blood scent is out of this world. And then they got together. I dunno how, but they did.

I mean, all these, is what i have gathered without actually reading the thing. So don't start bashing me yet.

And then of course there was that occasion when Sara, Yaya & me went to watch the movie itself and ummm, woe is me, because i cannot even remember what i watched (it was the one where she was preparing to get married and at the end of it she gave birth and Edward had to turn her? Which is that? Oh you know the one i'm talking about) In this movie i was giggling uncontrollably and i bet i have offended the twihards sitting next to us. So...

I am very curious. The only thing i seem to have a soft spot for is the wolf pack. Because they're furry and fierce looking. (okay fine. because they're animals. I admit.) And i just have a certain impatience for Edward's moodiness. If TB were to be moody like that i would so totally slap him so hard his head will spin. Like get over it already. 

So yes. 

I am going to undertake this challenge and read a supposedly "crap" book. And see what i make of it. :-)

I am aware, that i could spend the hundreds of pages reading other books.. But i pride myself for my desire to read anything and everything i could get my hands on. If i'm curious, i should just grab it.

p /s : i do not care what the turf club does nor do i care about what is on TV. Please never call me again to do any of your surveys. Ever. 

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